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making-sweetness Simple BUT Fabulous
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 making-sweetness Back to the top


Hyep, READERS :))

Its been 10 or 11 months since I wrote my last post, rite ?? Well, I never thought of making an effort to renew my blog but it's kinda a waste if I just leave it like that. So, I decided to make a new brand blog despite my age yg dah masuk 18 and almost 19 in 2 more months.. OK I KNOW IM A BIT OLD -.-'' .. Basically, The theme of my blog is "Simple BUT Fabulous" annoying kan bunyi dia xD .. Dh masuk 18 taon ni, i'm thinking of something matured.. No more cartoon2x, anime2x or bubbling2x.. Just something MATURED..
When we talk about matured, ayat pun kena lah matured jugak.. kan kan kan.. Lepas pulang US dulu, my English is really sucks man xD .. Konon2x mo show off sikit guna all English tapi mak aiiiii !!! kalo bole buat correction dkt bog ni mmg penuh PEN MERAH lah lagaknya... Usually org kalo pegi US ni ENG msti TOP TOP MELETOP tapi aku ?? (-.-) .. Can't even describe in one word .. Dont worry, I will try my best to improve :))
Anyway, I dont really know what to talk about so... lets talk about my NEW blog lahh xD... Firstly, BIG THANKS to Kak LIA for helping me out.. Kalo Kak Lia ndk bgitau pasal Classic Template tu smpai sekarang blog ni x siap .. hehe.. so, to Kak Lia THANKSSS !! *flying kiss .. Back to point, nothing special actually, background tu aku dpt kar blogskin like usual.. And of course PARIS is my choice :)) Profile aku tukar, design dia aku tukar and even cbox aku tukar.. As u guys can see, background and the design is kinda simple but the cbox is fabulous, am I rite ?? *annoying xD I make a lot of effort on it even thought it's not that hard xD well at least I did a great job tho :))
For the colours, I used PINK and BLUE .. Even though I dont really like pink but it turn out like that so, I just go on with that .. So, basically I dont really have problem with design, background or colours but I do have problem with this one thing ! SONG ! MUSIC PLAYER ! For now on I will use songs from "WINNER" new YG boy group.. So, if you guys got any suggestion yang matching ngn blog ni please leave comments below.. It will be a big help for me :))
I think thats it !! Thanks for singgah dekat blog yg x seberapa ni !!
with LOVE

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making-sweetness gonna leave malaysia for 6 months..
Thursday, 12 December 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

hyep !~ almost 2 months i didn't post anything in this blog.. rite ? 
anyway i wanna say congrats to all SPMFIGHTER13 coz succeed in finishing our war"SPM"
but guys remember when SPM already over it doesn't mean we are free.. there are more challenging things out there.. SPM just a beginning.. when u got into the University then u will know what life is... 
xD eceng mcm aku dh rasa semua tu.. ahaha.. anyway this is just a reminder for u guys and myself too :)

for the time being my life is too miserable =/= 
too many things to do but Alhamdulillah I still can handle and settle it down..
thanx to all of u who lends their hands.. I really appreciate it..

back to our main topic.. next months i gonna leave Malaysia for 6 months.. I gonna stay in United State for an exchange program.. AFS - YES 2014.. some of you might know about this if u already read my last post..
Alhamdulillah eventhough there are a lot of problems come out I still manage to go there.. Guys, u might think that I am lucky coz i gotz an apportunity to go there but still its not easy.. trust me its really HARD !! but nothing is impossible in this world.. u can get everything u want selagi u guys x berhenti dr berusaha dan berdoa..
anyway please pray the best for me .. doakan aku selamat pergi dan selamat pulang ke tanah air okay :)
i gonna miss all of you :')

jom cuci mata sikit... ne gambar waktu party class kat Swiss In Hotel.. 

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making-sweetness its better if we never met before
Saturday, 30 November 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

its been two months since the last post of mine..
by the way congrats to myself coz bru habis SPM.. habis SPM maka hbislah skolah !! 
enjoy time.. but still there's a lot of things that made me miserable..
betul kata org.. manusia ne x kn prnah trlepas drpd sbrng masalah.. tapi msalah tu lah yg mmbuat kn ssorg itu lebih matang..

sometimes i feel like i wanna run from all of these but that not a good way to solve a problem..
especially when the problem is about LOVE

anyway... i will never let the same things happen again...
eventhough people always said that "Sejarah mungkin berulang"

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making-sweetness Friendship ..
Saturday, 21 September 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

what is friendship?? is that something that we buy with money??
well friendship is like a rain that always fall together.. it can't fall alone..
like human.. they can't live alone.. they must have someone to face the world..

some people said that they can live alone.. they can face everything alone.. but the fact is they can't.. they pretend to be strong.. I've a bestfriend too even I'm an independent person.. Im a strong girl in front of people but the fact is im still a human who needs friends especially BFF..

People around me keep asking how can Aida(my bff) and I can stay together for almost 11 years without fighting and misunderstanding.. Actually that statement is wrong.. impossible lh if we never had any "salah faham" .. every relationship will had "salah faham" x kira lah dlm friendship or any else .. kan..kan..kan..
But when we had some fight or "salah faham" one of us will "mengalah" .. that's the only things that can solve the problem.. If we put our ego too high trust me the problem will not settle.. that's why when u are angry, or u have fight with ur besties just think positive.. try to solve the problem without mad with each other be'coz one word that come out from ur mouth might hurt ur besties's feeling..
Furthermore, tried to understand ur besties.. When ur besties had a problem try to cool her/he down.. Even though u can't help her/he at least she/he has someone to depend on.. That's friend use for.. 
Addition , when u have problem or secret with ur besties , i mean ur private problem or secret try not to tell to ur family, cousins, classmate and the most important is ur boyfie or girlfie.. coz ur bestfriend is like a diary ..  U write everything that happened in ur life in the diary and keep it as a secret without telling to anyone.. it's just the same like ur besties.. u told her/he everything until there's no secret between the two of u.. only u and ur besties know what the secret or problem is.. BUT remember dont force ur friend to tell u everything.. let her/he share it secara sukarela..
Last but not least , dont be too selfish.. Dont ever think that ur besties only for u.. She/he has their own life too.. If she/he has new friends let it be.. be'coz if she/he ur true friends she/he will never treats the same as she/he treats u.. Bestfriend and Friend is like a cousin.. They almost have the same name but they have different meaning.. A big difference.. So , just bear in mind that TRUE FRIEND will never leave u even though u falling to the ground...

Aida ft Raihana

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making-sweetness Ramadan . . .
Sunday, 28 July 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

hyep !.. 
hari ne dh msuk ramadan ke 21.. 10 ramadan terakhir marilah bersama2x mngerja amal ibadat dengan lebih lagi.. (^^) 
> Salam Ramadan <

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making-sweetness AFS ( Interview and KL-Yes Selection Camp 2013 )
Friday, 12 July 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

hye guys !!~ it's been a while since I post the last entry right ? ^^
well .. to busy with my life .. plus i don't have any story to share ..
But today ( 11th July 2013 ) I will write the story that may useful to anyone of you who joins the AFS 
(Intercultural Exchange Programs) .. Before that I wanna say Salam Ramadhan tuk semua umat Islam <3

Story start . . . . . . .
19th June 2013 - The day that change myself to be more confident with myself.. A week before that I got an email from AFS that I had been chosen and I need to go for an interview at SMK Fajar , Sandakan , Sabah.. I felt too happy that time.. I learn to speak english alone everyday .. sometimes I spoke in english with my little sister even she's not very good in english.. 
On the interview day - before going to the interview room, all the candidates that had been chosen gather around in a room and the one who conduct us were the returnees .. Everything were really fun that time because we play a lot !! The returnees did some games for us to play be'coz they wanted to find out wether we can communicated with new students/ friends or not.. so my advice is just play the games like you always did with ur classmate .. dont be too shy .. talk a lot but make sure let other candidates talk too.. dont be too selfish .. we played 3 games and did 1 presentation .. that time our batch need to present "how to promote Malaysia" .. so it's a bit easy lah .. just present it in a simple way.. we spent our time together by playing and joking around .. after eating lunch , the interview started ^^ ..
dont worry the questions are not that difficult .. most of the questions were about urself n ur opinion .. glad to say that the interviewer didn't ask me anything that are fact such as who's the ministry of education or anything.. He just gave me a situation and how to handle it.. so it just based on my opinion.. the interview took a day to finish .. interview start from 9 am - 4.30 pm .. so make sure u ready already before go to the interview ..

4th July 2013 - my friends from SMK Muhibbah named Fiona sent me a text and told me that I passed for the first interview and I need to go to Shah Alam for the Yes Camp Selection (6th July - 7th July) .. If not because of her I may not knew anything about that camp because in the shortlised my named and other candidates from sandakan, sabah "tercicir" .. So im very thankful to her .. but my life was very miserable that time .. you all wanna know why ?? the camp will be held exactly on 6th July and I didn't prepare anything yet.. my mom told me that she can't afford for my flight ticket and asked me to give up.. but i'm not a girl that easy to give up.. the next morning (5th July) , i went to see my principal and asked for her help to support my flight ticket and Alhamdulillah she gave money to afford the flight ticket using the school's money.. my teacher bought me a ticket that afternoon and I depart from Sandakan 9.40pm and touch down KLIA 12.00am (alone) ..
6th July 2013 - The camp held at the Quality Hotel in Shah Alam .. glad to say that i have the one and only cousin who lived in KL.. if not i maybe took a taxi to the hotel alone .. there were a lot and a lot and a lot of students who had passed their first interview and most of them look very smart..educated..and good in english.. There were 120 candidates and all of them were send by their parents except for me maybe.. I went there alone.. even it was sad but i'm proud with myself because I can went there alone.. after the registration , we have the "Parents Briefings" and after that the camp started !~ At first impression I already knew that the Camp will be the best camp ever.. The Volunteers were very nice.. The games were more enjoyable than the first interview.. We did 3 presentation.. but there were something that made my otak mcm nk pecah.. we have an exam.. the exam was like "MUET" so get ready ok.. trust me you have to do 12 essays in 1hours 30minutes .. so sabar je lah ~ ok let me talk about the interview.. Actually the first and second interview were not differentlah .. it's just the same but the interviewer were very different .. there were 7 interviewers.. (^_^) if you lucky enough there will be 3 or 4 interviewers only.. when i was interviewed there were only 4 interviewers only so im the lucky one.. btw just prepare urself lh ok.. because the question they asked were really different from other candidates.. sbb soalan dya ikut dr candidates .. so just answer calmly .. okay !!~~

My Advice :: 

* Just Be Yourself *
* Smile .. especially when you enter the interview room *
* Talk a lot and dont be shy *
* dont be too selfish and let other talk too *
* dont be nervous if you're not very fluent in english .. just speak like u always did because they do not judge you based on your pronounce but based on your communication *
* study a lot !! make sure ur result kat skolah mantap *

I hope that my story is useful for you guys and sorry broken ENGLISH.. if you have any problem just send me massage at Fb or DM me at Twitter ..

FB - https://www.facebook.com/official.ayuichi.hanaII
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ayuichi_hana
if you guys wanna see our picture in Shah Alam just click here ^^

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making-sweetness New Life , New Chapter ~
Sunday, 5 May 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

Hyep !! ^_^
my friends always told me that every smile that I saw will never be the same with what they felt inside their heart..
at first , it's hard for me to understand and I don't why..
Now.... I understood it very well..
We smile..We laugh..We make a joke..
just to make sure that he/she did not know what we feel inside our heart..

it's really hard for me to accept the truth..
but ... there's nothing i can do ...
I'll not be the third person in ur relationship..
I'll pray the best for you..
I'll always.. and always remember everything about you..
be happy okay ^^
> New Life, New Chapter < 

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Sunday, May 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

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