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making-sweetness Jalan2x Cari Hal
Saturday, 13 October 2012 making-sweetness Back to the top

hyep ! penattt ~ ~ penat mcmna pun update blog mesty d dhulukn..
hari ni aku p Sabah Hotel wit Darwis, Aida, Taufiq, Che2x, Shahrin, Fitri..
enjoy lah juga.. kat Sabah Hotel ada ceramah ttg pilot [ SPL(student private license) n PPL(pilot private license) ] .. saja join2x sbb aku x taw lg nk jadi apa besar nty.. yg pnting aku x nk jd DOKTOR ! nope !
Sabah Hotel maree 

then , kmi pi bandar .. jalan2x kat Harbour Mall .. ramai juga member yg aku jmpa ..
tujuan pi bandar : makan ais krim mcD... hahaha terukkn pi bndr tuk tu ja... 

mcm teda kerja ja .. honestly aku jenis org yg x suka kluar rumah.. thats y lah kalo sudah terkeluar dr rumah berjalannnnn ja terus ndk pndai penat...

brgmbar trus <3

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Saturday, October 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

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