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making-sweetness We're TheBuddyz
Tuesday, 4 December 2012 making-sweetness Back to the top

hyep ! hehe rasa2x dh lama x update blog ne kan..
maklumlah.. MALAS >_<
honest.. aku malas sgt2x nk update.. mmndngkn esok aku dh nk pi KL apa salahnya aku perkenalkaan 
TheBuddyz yg terdiri drpd 4 sekawan ^^ (Haz,Dar,Eda,Rai)
well.. we always spend time together.. so we decided to make a new group which this group have 2 boys and 2 girls.. boleh katakan kami Kwan Rapat.. mm sbb kami wat group ne.. aku pun x taw.. -_-
Dlm group kmi ne aku paling tua.. n aku paling pendek -_-  >kenyataan< tapi yg urus group ne bukan aku ^^ aku mmg tua tapi x matang sepenuhnya lg ==' jadi yg urus group ne antara haz n dar.. aku n aida just pembantu :p pling muda dlm group kmi pula aida ^^
btw ini lah kmi ^_^

Mohamad Hazreenshah Mohamad Nazir 

Darwis Mahmud

Nurul Aida Abdul Samah

Siti Nuraihana Awang Rajip

2010 --> Rai ft Aida

2010--> Rai ft Dar ft Haz

2012 -- > Aida ft Rai

and moree .......... this is TheBuddyz pics since 2010-2012

that all .. kalo blog kami (LifeOfTheBuddyz) dah siap kami akn update anything about kmi kat sana ^^
just wait n see... 
please be kind to our group ^^

p/s : actually it is a little bit memalukan >_< mcm budak2x kn ada group2x mcm ne.. hehe tapi bila lg nk rasa pngalaman bru.. hidup cuma sekali jgnlah mnsia2xkn nya ^^
- We Are TheBuddyz - 

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Tuesday, December 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

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