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making-sweetness Friendship ..
Saturday, 21 September 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

what is friendship?? is that something that we buy with money??
well friendship is like a rain that always fall together.. it can't fall alone..
like human.. they can't live alone.. they must have someone to face the world..

some people said that they can live alone.. they can face everything alone.. but the fact is they can't.. they pretend to be strong.. I've a bestfriend too even I'm an independent person.. Im a strong girl in front of people but the fact is im still a human who needs friends especially BFF..

People around me keep asking how can Aida(my bff) and I can stay together for almost 11 years without fighting and misunderstanding.. Actually that statement is wrong.. impossible lh if we never had any "salah faham" .. every relationship will had "salah faham" x kira lah dlm friendship or any else .. kan..kan..kan..
But when we had some fight or "salah faham" one of us will "mengalah" .. that's the only things that can solve the problem.. If we put our ego too high trust me the problem will not settle.. that's why when u are angry, or u have fight with ur besties just think positive.. try to solve the problem without mad with each other be'coz one word that come out from ur mouth might hurt ur besties's feeling..
Furthermore, tried to understand ur besties.. When ur besties had a problem try to cool her/he down.. Even though u can't help her/he at least she/he has someone to depend on.. That's friend use for.. 
Addition , when u have problem or secret with ur besties , i mean ur private problem or secret try not to tell to ur family, cousins, classmate and the most important is ur boyfie or girlfie.. coz ur bestfriend is like a diary ..  U write everything that happened in ur life in the diary and keep it as a secret without telling to anyone.. it's just the same like ur besties.. u told her/he everything until there's no secret between the two of u.. only u and ur besties know what the secret or problem is.. BUT remember dont force ur friend to tell u everything.. let her/he share it secara sukarela..
Last but not least , dont be too selfish.. Dont ever think that ur besties only for u.. She/he has their own life too.. If she/he has new friends let it be.. be'coz if she/he ur true friends she/he will never treats the same as she/he treats u.. Bestfriend and Friend is like a cousin.. They almost have the same name but they have different meaning.. A big difference.. So , just bear in mind that TRUE FRIEND will never leave u even though u falling to the ground...

Aida ft Raihana

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Saturday, September 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

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