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making-sweetness gonna leave malaysia for 6 months..
Thursday, 12 December 2013 making-sweetness Back to the top

hyep !~ almost 2 months i didn't post anything in this blog.. rite ? 
anyway i wanna say congrats to all SPMFIGHTER13 coz succeed in finishing our war"SPM"
but guys remember when SPM already over it doesn't mean we are free.. there are more challenging things out there.. SPM just a beginning.. when u got into the University then u will know what life is... 
xD eceng mcm aku dh rasa semua tu.. ahaha.. anyway this is just a reminder for u guys and myself too :)

for the time being my life is too miserable =/= 
too many things to do but Alhamdulillah I still can handle and settle it down..
thanx to all of u who lends their hands.. I really appreciate it..

back to our main topic.. next months i gonna leave Malaysia for 6 months.. I gonna stay in United State for an exchange program.. AFS - YES 2014.. some of you might know about this if u already read my last post..
Alhamdulillah eventhough there are a lot of problems come out I still manage to go there.. Guys, u might think that I am lucky coz i gotz an apportunity to go there but still its not easy.. trust me its really HARD !! but nothing is impossible in this world.. u can get everything u want selagi u guys x berhenti dr berusaha dan berdoa..
anyway please pray the best for me .. doakan aku selamat pergi dan selamat pulang ke tanah air okay :)
i gonna miss all of you :')

jom cuci mata sikit... ne gambar waktu party class kat Swiss In Hotel.. 

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Thursday, December 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

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