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making-sweetness Simple BUT Fabulous
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 making-sweetness Back to the top


Hyep, READERS :))

Its been 10 or 11 months since I wrote my last post, rite ?? Well, I never thought of making an effort to renew my blog but it's kinda a waste if I just leave it like that. So, I decided to make a new brand blog despite my age yg dah masuk 18 and almost 19 in 2 more months.. OK I KNOW IM A BIT OLD -.-'' .. Basically, The theme of my blog is "Simple BUT Fabulous" annoying kan bunyi dia xD .. Dh masuk 18 taon ni, i'm thinking of something matured.. No more cartoon2x, anime2x or bubbling2x.. Just something MATURED..
When we talk about matured, ayat pun kena lah matured jugak.. kan kan kan.. Lepas pulang US dulu, my English is really sucks man xD .. Konon2x mo show off sikit guna all English tapi mak aiiiii !!! kalo bole buat correction dkt bog ni mmg penuh PEN MERAH lah lagaknya... Usually org kalo pegi US ni ENG msti TOP TOP MELETOP tapi aku ?? (-.-) .. Can't even describe in one word .. Dont worry, I will try my best to improve :))
Anyway, I dont really know what to talk about so... lets talk about my NEW blog lahh xD... Firstly, BIG THANKS to Kak LIA for helping me out.. Kalo Kak Lia ndk bgitau pasal Classic Template tu smpai sekarang blog ni x siap .. hehe.. so, to Kak Lia THANKSSS !! *flying kiss .. Back to point, nothing special actually, background tu aku dpt kar blogskin like usual.. And of course PARIS is my choice :)) Profile aku tukar, design dia aku tukar and even cbox aku tukar.. As u guys can see, background and the design is kinda simple but the cbox is fabulous, am I rite ?? *annoying xD I make a lot of effort on it even thought it's not that hard xD well at least I did a great job tho :))
For the colours, I used PINK and BLUE .. Even though I dont really like pink but it turn out like that so, I just go on with that .. So, basically I dont really have problem with design, background or colours but I do have problem with this one thing ! SONG ! MUSIC PLAYER ! For now on I will use songs from "WINNER" new YG boy group.. So, if you guys got any suggestion yang matching ngn blog ni please leave comments below.. It will be a big help for me :))
I think thats it !! Thanks for singgah dekat blog yg x seberapa ni !!
with LOVE

making-sweetness POSTED BY Cik Raihana AT Tuesday, October 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

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